Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Home again, home again

I went to Portland today with Melanie and she showed me around to all the cool places worth looking at and we took pictures of people dressed as lobsters (or, I did- I felt like such a tourist). It was a lot of fun- except I had gotten a really bad sunburn from the beach and walking around yesterday- oh well- I'll have a nice tan eventually. Next time, more sunscreen.

Anyways, Melanie was meeting a guy there named Sam after I left and this really funny/weird thing happened. We were "rarring," where I drive the car and Melanie "rarrs" out the window to pedestrians (no old people, policemen, or bikers). It's a lot of fun. So I told Melanie she should rarr at this one guy and she goes, "He has a baby. I'm not rarring at a baby." So I said, "Ok, rarr at the guy walking towards him." Then she goes, "THAT'S SAM!!" So I kind of pulled over and she stuck her head out the window and went, "Hey, I know you!" And the guy with the baby turns around and goes, "What?" There was this whole awkward thing like- "no not you" "What?" "I'm not talking to you" "Wait- I-" etc. Because no one could tell where she was looking because she had sunglasses on (yellow ones- see first post). We finally got things cleared up and Sam acknowledged us, then we drove away. We decided to turn around though in order to just pick Sam up. I was going to go home soon to get back for my SAT class so the plan was basically to just pick him up, say goodbye and drop them off. But he knew the way to the highway so I needed his directions. He directed me there. I said goodbye to Mel, but I was really sad- I had so much fun and my town just isn't as cool as hers. I don't know- it's just not as touristy and interesting. I dropped them off at some random place after goodbyes and left. I got 197 Beatles songs from Melanie, so I listened to all of them as I was driving home. I was surprised at how many I didn't know.

Anyway, now I'm sad because I feel like there's just nothing to do now but work on my stupid AP Lit. homework (even thought it's summer- grrr). I mean, the work is interesting, but I just don't want to do it- Summer's practically over and I hardly feel like it's summer yet.

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